Eutronix Cases You are not logged in. It really surprises me that no other keyboard has built in this type of functionality after all these years. The Feature Films Star Trek: Comments RSS for this page. Sometimes other components die, but way more often than not it’s the caps. The Gateway AnyKey model contains a toroid on the inside, around the keyboard wires near the top middle of the keyboard, which might rub against the plastic membrane circuit board and cut the leftmost trace emerging from the left ribbon connector. This keyboard is built like a tank.

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That one is pretty simple, only 23 keystrokes, and I am confident it will work first time out. The real significance of this unit is the recognition of the extra Windows keys added. I’ve heard of washing out keyboards in the sink- even tried it myself once to no avail.

You install the autohotkeys program and then create a file that has commands like these in it: I take it your macro is really pressing ALT and whatever number sequence. The logic isn’t directly in the keyboard like the AnyKey, but it does have a dedicated record button to start and stop capture of a macro.

But now my issue is putting it back together. This section’s anykej accuracy is disputed. Completely wiping the keyboard memory also wiped the corruption. It does offer a total of 54 usable keys, due to there also being an M1-M3 key to swap which macros are active on the keys.


Gateway AnyKey – Wikipedia

The specific problem is: Keynoard tell people that I used to walk my little dog miniature poodle in Alaska at temperatures of 40 below zero F or C, take anyiey pick and he was just fine with that. If you sift through Craigslist and local thrift stores, there’s a slight chance you’ll find one. In other words, unprogrammed keys are “duplicates” but keys that ARE programmed are not. Nice barrel distortion there. That worked for me, but YMMV.

It might well be a mechanical problem, dirt on the contacts on the Mylar sheet for meyboard two keys that might be fixed by non-disassembled washing. Could buy you another few years of service.

Gateway AnyKey

I had the same problem and got an Sii PS2 card and an adapter cable, which didn’t work with my Dell Dimension. The issue is connecting the transparent circuit board to the gold contacts. You may also like.

Inside, this version’s controller board is longer and narrower with a slightly different layout than previous versions. Rather than retool the unit to allow the addition of the three extra keys and therefore altering the standard layout around the space bar, a simple electronic change was made to the decoder and some keys relabeled.

Gateway AnyKey keyboard.

Gateway hardware Computer keyboard models. It feels very familiar. I have a spare AnyKey on hand, but it had been stored for the past several years in non-optimal conditions temperatures reaching degrees F or more on occasion and when I brought it out, about half the keys wouldn’t register any input.


VOGONS • View topic – Fixing up a Gateway AnyKey keyboard

The Ctrl-Alt-SuspendMacro is the first line of defense. I am at a loss as to how to disassemble the keyboard to actually get at the mylar sheet with the tracings on it, but that one little spot is semi-accessible without taking it any further apart.

I can get the top cover off, but it looks gtaeway the only way to get into the mechanicals of it would be to drill out about a dozen plastic tabs on the bottom.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I wonder if a thin strip of foil across that break would fix it? You can program any key to do anything and, if you ever switch keyboards, the programming will carry over to the new keyboard as long as it has the keys you programmed. Did you miss your activation email? I think he knew I would, which is why he shopped that Microsoft thing for himself rather than for me.

Tom Lyden Wed, Aug 22,7: It isn’t a metallic or springy or clickety-clack sound, but the sound of heavy-duty, solid — but friendly — plastic, as if it were aesthetically tuned.

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