Can you tell me how to clean the fan from inside? Only problem I had was remounting the mb back into the plastic bottom casing. The monitor show a lot of artifacts, strange numbers and letters, also on the bios screens. This is how I do it. You saved me a lot of time and frustration.

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Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. Try reconnecting the webcam cable pailion both ends — on the webcam module first and then on the motherboard. Try reconnecting the cable.

I never saw audiio reference to an X drive before this mess. My fent made an aweful noise, so i cleaned it using your guide and it works perfectly! I went through virtually the same steps as you without the guide you have here, and I did not label my screws. Ppavilion, the hard drive, seen being removed in step 2, I cut the black piece of plastic off of it level to the area where it covers the pins, When I took apart my laptop i realized that plastic was covering the vent for the hard drive entirely not allowing any air flow at all.

Make sure both cables shown in the step 9 are connected to the motherboard. But how are they going to stick if the top looks like band aid, and can I use artic silver for the nvidia chip? You can see that pqvilion connected to the speaker assembly on the step If you cannot figure out what is wrong, disassemble the laptop again and start adding parts one by one.


After I put the new motherboard in the laptop it is not powering up. In the step 3 you simply unsnap two antenna cables from the card with your fingernails. Qudio though, they all 3 have spiked up to near I can dis-assemble the laptop.

HP Pavilion dv6600 laptop sound card drivers

You can pafilion the entire cooling assembly heatsing and fan or just noisy fan. P I do not see them on the pictures either. But I have just reinstalled Vista since the partition of recovery. Then I procedded to force boot the laptop because it would keep rebooting itself always trying to read something from said port.

HP Pavilion dvse Entertainment Notebook PC – Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

First, try reseating memory modules. Somehow my computer is really slow and my computer freezes every 5 seconds on Windows XP. Maybe you are confusing it with pavi,ion hard drive LED? Is it possible that there is a wire loose. This is how I do it. Got me through poking around inside a DVUS tonight — auxio a question — the two thinner cables that run off of the power button daughterboard to the mainboard — are either of these audio cables? The problem is that after it was accidentally knocked off a bed, it will not power up; the LED around the bp plug and the middle LED on the bottom-left the AC power light light normally, and when the power button is pressed, every other LED on the top the other two status lights and multiple lights along the power button cover blink for about one second and then shut off again.


I dont have compressed air, I will use a q-Tip. Thanks for the detailed how-to.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

If display cable is not hooked up properly, can it stop the system from loading the operating system? Now I have put oavilion everything, I have one problem, the wireless card is not present in networkconnection, and the led of auduo wireless switchis orange, even if I switch the wirelles to on.

I still on occasion forget them and I have replaced too many mobos in these to count. There was a thermal pad in between the heatsink and the nVidia chip — and it still overheated. Just the thing I hate about HP laptops. Great step by step directions.

Your comments on the situation please. The DVD drive plugged in directly into the motherboard. Thanks for the guide.

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